The shocking exposé the President and the
White House do NOT want you to see...

Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State

The Truth about Barack Hussein Obama and
His Radical, UnAmerican Agenda

During his previous campaign for the presidency, Obama promised he would run "the most transparent administration in history."

And yet four years later, America's 44th president—and his true plan for the nation—remain shrouded in secrecy. All the while the government invades deeper into our privacy... and exerts increasing control over virtually every aspect of our lives.

Now, more than ever, it's critical you know the truth.

So to help you discover it, Bob Livingston and the writers of Personal Liberty Digest™ have released a special FREE Preview Edition of their latest Survival Treasury, The Radical, UnAmerican Agenda of Barack Obama.

Compiled from the pages of Personal Liberty Digest™, this book casts the light of truth on topics Obama and his administration would prefer faded into obscurity.

But let's be clear: This is NOT simply an introduction that teases what you'll get if you buy the book. You get the whole book to download instantly, complete and unabridged—a whopping 242 pages, FREE!

Inside, you'll discover...

  • THE MYSTERY SURROUNDING BARACK OBAMA—Who IS he really... and why can't he escape questions about his constitutional eligibility to be America's president?
  • THE LIES, ARROGANCE, AND RACISM that have become hallmarks of his administration—and what they signal for the days ahead...
  • THE ANTI-AMERICAN MENTORS who shaped his ideology and politics—including radical communists, zealots, and terrorists...
  • HOW HE EFFECTIVELY DISOWNED HIS MOTHER and the grandparents who raised him—casting them aside to chase dreams of the father who abandoned them...
  • HOW HE RAMMED OBAMACARE DOWN THE THROATS OF AMERICANS that didn’t want it and used private meetings and special favors to get it passed by Congress...
  • HIS VERY PUBLIC DISPLAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH MEXICAN PRESIDENT FELIPE CALDERON all while trashing Arizona and its attempts to craft an effective immigration policy that actually followed Federal immigration law to the letter...
  • ...and much, MUCH more!

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The 2012 election will decide far more than simply the name of America's next president.

It will decide the fate of the nation.

So don't wait. Grab your FREE copy of this shocking exposé today!

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